Letter from Deon Persaud, colloquium participant

Good Day,

I happened to be a participant in the inaugural Guyanese Languages Colloquium in August 2016.

I found it really interesting, since I am an English Language teacher of the Bartica Government Secondary School. Since my return to the classroom in September 2016, I have been doing code switching a lot in order to help students in understanding English through the Guyanese Creolese vernacular. It has been helpful. The students feel more confident using Creolese since they use it more than the standard English. I also try to show them the value of the Creolese language.

The presentations at the Colloquium were enlightening for me. I would wish for more discourse in this area, though. I am always interested in workshops/seminars concerning English Language teaching for secondary school teachers.

Thank you.

Deon Persaud
Head of Department, English
Bartica Government Secondary School